How to handle pressure

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How to handle pressure

October 5, 2009 Uncategorized 0

I was boiling water the other day using the electric kettle. Jus’ when the water began boiling, the kettle began to make what was close to a whistling sound. Thinking musically, it could have been singing.
I thought about how hot it was within and without the kettle, the pressure it must have been experiencing, but it was stil whistling, even in such a situation.
I thought also about our lives. How often we tend to whine under pressure. The kettle was made to boil water. It found its purpose in that, and would be rather disappointed and empty being in the refrigerator and with nothing inside it. Just the same with us. Without discovering and serving our purpose, we are empty and unfulfilled. But in serving our purpose, we find great joy and fulfillment…although that calls for responsibility (kettle holding water) and some heat.
A sense of purpose beats a sense of emptiness any day, regardless of the cost, doesn’t it?

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