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October 7, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Today as I was going up the flights of stairs in my hostel to my room, I got very tired indeed (don’t query my fitness; I just hadn’t done it for a while! (Smile.)) When I had only one set of stairs left to cover, I thought of turning to the right, walking to the end of the corridor, then completing my ascent from there, and walking a little distance to where my room actually stood….
Then a thought hit me. I could finish my ascent and head straight for my room, or take a more comfortable detour and delay getting to my room….and I decided to stick it out. After all, it was only one flight of stairs. I went up, and tada! There I was.
And I thought about how often I am tempted to leave my path, just a little way to my finish, in many things. I made up my mind to stick it out to the end of my processes; I think it will be better for me that way.

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