Friendships 1

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Friendships 1

October 8, 2009 Uncategorized 0

I like to put on jackets that I can zip up at the front. This is for various reasons. If it’s cold, I can be warm. Should it get warm, I can open it and feel cool, but still have it should it get cold again. And as a lady, I do not want to mess up my hair with the pull-over like moments, you know!
Convenience. I want it to be convenient for me no matter the weather. And oh yes, should there be a photo shoot, I can put the jacket on, or remove it, or hold it in various styles as it suits me.
Thinking about this, however, I realize that I put a lot of value on the jacket when it’s cold, but once it’s warm or otherwise, I couldn’t care less for it. And the sad thing is this, that we sometimes do this in our relationships with others. Pamper them when we need them and sort of ‘discard’ them when we think we don’t. I think we do it with Jesus too. This has me concerned.

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