Singing in the rain

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Singing in the rain

October 12, 2009 Uncategorized 0

It was drizzling as I was walking home the other day (Friday). I had an umbrella with me, so I wasn’t so badly off. I just opened it and walked along, enjoying the smell of soul in the rain, and even singing some. I found it indeed very beautiful; you know the grass looking greener and cleaner, the dust settling, the works.
Then a thought occurred to me. That had I not had the umbrella, I would have been hurrying along in a hustle, not noticing the good beautiful happenings around me, and certainly not singing. But because I had an umbrella, I was able to.
Maybe that’s what’s called security. That when you are secure, you can sing in the rain, and even see goodness in an otherwise inconveniencing situation. I know no better security and protection than under the umbrella of Jesus Christ himself. And that’s totally incomparable.

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