Fearfully and wonderfully made

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Fearfully and wonderfully made

October 13, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Today as I was walking to the office I saw a flower bush which had very many thorns on its stems. It literally had thorny stems. The pink flowers and small beautiful green leaves drew my attention, but what kept my gaze fixed on that dear plant were the thorny stems.
As I walked past it, it dawned on me that thorns could indeed be good sometimes. We may not feel or think that they are – you know, those “less-than-perfect” rough edges that we tend to despise in ourselves.
I couldn’t have cared less for the pink and green attractions, no, because there were anyway so many other flower bushes around with even more colors per bush. It’s true. What we may despise in ourselves may be the one thing that keeps others attracted to and sometimes even mesmerized at us. Let’s appreciate each and every part of ourselves for we are indeed very fearfully and wonderfully made by God (albeit, like a friend of mine once said, some more fearfully than wonderfully… but then again that’s for another article and day…) ? (on a light note.)

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