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October 18, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Thinking about this over this weekend, I had an awakening realization of who the greatest people in my life are, and how I ought to treat them. Let me start it this way. When one gets into a “boy-gal” relationship, nothing else in the world matters, but that one person, and his or her total wellness. Anything for them.
Then you get married. And you start seeing all the faults. And compare them with the rest of the world’s goodness. Forgetting you left the world in favor of this one person, and he/she did the same for you. You earlier on wanted to make your time together most special, and show your friend that although the world was a harsh place, with you would be a haven of comfort, a place of retreat and rest.
That aside, your spouse serves a great purpose and is honored out there. But sometimes it’s not soo good. Why take advantage of his/her vulnerable state with you? You are each others’ optimum choice. Left the world for each other. Why don’t you treat him/her well and special just like the beginning? And as I read somewhere today, “your marriage is the principle relationship of your adult life.”

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