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October 19, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Clutter. A word not liked by many. Neither are its effects. But nevertheless surrounds our life to the extent that we are lax about it. Picture this – a cluttered house (there goes the word again.) everything in a bit of a mess. Not so obvious, but then again not where something should be. Then there’s the announcement that visitors are coming. Panic and frenzy rule and reign and dictate as the house gets “in order.”
Scenario II. Generally neat house. Visitors coming. A little dusting here and there and you pick your best china. (In Scenario I, you just managed to get through the hosting.)The difference? One rolls over as a normal part of life, the other is such an “event” even the hostess is not comfortable with herself (she’s not used to herself that way either!)
We’ve got to practice good habits; they help in transition to new, sometimes higher levels of our lives. We’ve got to be at home with ourselves before we can successfully and comfortably entertain others. That way the new leap will have you roll on happily, and not in a frenzied state of disarray and surprise at yourself. You need your cool, calm and poise to make good delivery at this next level. Habits.

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