Headlights in the Night

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Headlights in the Night

November 16, 2009 Uncategorized 0

I was walking home from school last week, and it was well into the evening. Going down the dusty path leading to our house, I heard a car coming behind me. I skipped one step to the right and landed on what would be called the “cycle way” in our area. The car kept coming on, and the headlights shone several meters ahead of me. I was able to see my path quite well, and so I could walk with confidence that I wouldn’t slip on something or into another.
As I thought about that dodge, it occurred to me that when I was on road meant for cars, whenever any car would approach, I would be startled, scared. I would need to dodge or risk being hit. However, if I was on the pedestrian’s sidewalk, when the cars would come, their light would be an illumination on my path, guiding me on safely and surely.
Something about walking in the light. And walking in the right. If we live our lives with integrity, whenever light shines around us, it illuminates our path urging us on in an encouraging manner. But if we do not walk in integrity, the appearance of light scares the daylights out of us, so to say. The light is gonna come anyway. Someone will always walk in on you. Some day all things will be revealed….and come to light. What will be the revelation, what will then be open for all to see???
When I got home and put on the lights in the living room looking forward to a restful evening, the thought crossed my mind once more. What will be revealed when the light around you is turned on?

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