I hope no one finds out

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I hope no one finds out

November 16, 2009 Uncategorized 1

I am in a worship team at our church, and I have the responsibility of writing regular emails to the worship team members about various topics. Here’s one of them.

Dear Beracans,
Hi, how are you? I trust that the past two or so weeks since we last talked here have found you well. I’ve been fine, was on a bit of leave, but now I’m glad to be back to work.
I’ve been thinking about something recently, and it’s something I’d like to share with you all. It’s definitely about the ministry… but perhaps more about the ministers in the ministry.
There comes times in our lives, all of us, when we are faced with certain tricky situations. Usually it’s something you’d want to do, but you would not want anyone else to know that you did it. In this day of technology, it is possible to do a lot of things in secret, and even the people closest to you may not get to know it. These include especially the phones and the internet, which have so very strongly flooded our markets. And this is not to mention TV as well…
Gee, what really am I saying, what am I getting at? I’m getting at the life of a believer, a worshipper. We have often times been taught that worship is a lifestyle, that as true worshippers we would live holy and righteous lives on and off the pulpit, that what we bring to the pulpit is an overflow of our daily lives.
But I ask us all, how many times is this really the case? How many times have we come for practice, or to lead worship on the pulpit, and as we worshipped, it was just a continuation of our relationship, fellowship and communion with the Lord? How many times?
Would it be wrong to think that many times, what we do on Thursdays and Fridays as we practice, and on Sundays as we lead worship, is simply present a rehearsed piece of music? You know, get the right voice, sound spiritually deep enough, and bam! that was a great time in the presence of the Lord?
No, I am not denying that the Lord’s presence is with us, because I know that He is with us. And I am not saying that we do not live a lifestyle of worship, because I’m sure that we do….at least some of the time. My question and wonder arises when it comes to having a genuine time with the Lord, a genuine time with each other, a time of open-hearted sharing, a time of being real with ourselves…
I just wonder, if someone pulled out your details from your media, what would they find? Having watched Dial-A-Convict, we now know that is possible. What would they find in your histories? Would you be comfortable to still serve in the worship team, if that sheet with all your information was hang behind you as you stood on the pulpit?
I’m not even sure that it’s so much about what others would think that should be our main concern. It’s our relationship with the One who called us to serve Him. Given a chance to excuse ourselves from the worship team based on how worthy we feel after reviewing our lives in this light, how many of us would remain in the worship team? How many of us would still serve?
We meet for Refreshing Moments this Sunday after leading worship in the first service. Let’s get together in the presence of the Lord, and let Him straighten us out, and give us a second, third, fourth, even millionth chance.
In Christ’s Love,

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