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Recent Events

November 30, 2009 Uncategorized 0

Recently we have had several things happening, and we thank God for them all. My most memorable recent activity was the mission at Kenyatta Secondary School for girls. Seated under the shade of a couple of trees, the about a hundred girls dressed in light blue skirts, white blouses and navy blue sweaters listened intently. They seemed to absorb every word that was being said, as if it was personally and individually meant for each of them.


Whenever I would share a sour experience, their faces would twist and turn with wonder and bewilderment, as if to ask, “Are you talking about me? Were you in my mind last evening listening to my pitiful thoughts?” Many times as I spoke I felt over and over again that this is something I want to spend my time doing, encouraging younger girls. Talking with them, listening to them, giving them attention…all in a bid to help them discover their worth and purpose in God.

The Search…

When we had the question answer session, my heart turned over several times. Some of the questions were familiar to me, having asked them myself over and over again. But others reminded me that we are in different times, and things have changed. I understood these girls even though some of the questions were rather unexpected. The search was the same, is still the same – the search for significance, meaning and purpose. A sense of importance and direction, something to live for. Something to be happy and vibrant about.

As we concluded our talks, I knew that I had to be ever more rooted in God, to be able to be of help and inspiration to these and other young girls.

December Program

This December we have several things planned. Our high-schoolers are back for holidays, and we are happy to have them around. Every Tuesday we will be meeting for Simply The Story, or as we call it, Story Tuesday. We will share truths from the word of God, and relate them to our daily lives, and see how we can apply them. On Thursdays, we will have our Real Time afternoons. The boys and the girls will meet separately, and discuss things pertinent to their gender. These are fondly cherished sessions, in which we get to share heart to heart about the things that move our hearts, big and small, good and bad.

Amazing Girl Afternoon: Talent Party

On Sunday, the 13th of December, we shall have our Amazing Girl Afternoon meeting. This is the first formal Amazing Girl Meeting, held in church. We usually meet in my house…which has now grown rather small (and for this I thank God.) We have previously held Cutex Party and Make-up Party, which saw the girls want to invite more of their friends.

We look forward to having an inspiring time from 2pm to 4pm. The theme of this day is Talent Party, and we shall have a speaker talk about Talent, Purpose and Identity. We shall have several girls present something in their area of talent. Some have already registered to sing, and others to make artistic presentations (these are gifted with drawing and other art-related abilities.)

We look forward to having a great time, so feel free to invite all your friends and come along with them!

Cheers, Blessed holidays.

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