Don’t you wish?

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Don’t you wish?

February 5, 2010 Uncategorized 1

Hi. It’s been a while since I wrote in here, but that doesn’t mean that nothing’s been happening since our last Amazing Girl Afternoon. A lot has taken place, and I’m pleased to put it down here. But as I do, I also want to write a few things from my heart, things I wish about.

First, at the beginning of the year, on the 3rd of January, we, my husband and I, had a chance to go speak to some young girls. This was at Pendekezo Letu Children’s Home, a rehab center where they annually keep 100 girls for 10 months. The girls usually come from the streets and homes where their guardians are not able to take good care of them. After the rehab period, they are taken back to their homes and schools, and anew group is brought in.

They also keep some 25 single mother girls whom they train in hair dressing, so that they can support their children. As they do so, the home takes care of both them and their children for that 10 month period which usually begins in March and ends December.

So the girls we met were just about to leave and go back to their homes. It was nice being shown around the place, their very resourceful library (girl wise) and their well beautified compound which the children themselves maintain.

But what was even better was getting a chance to speak with the girls, albeit briefly. Teaching from the Mark  chapter 5, I encouraged girls that although everything around them may indicate that they are dead, Jesus says that they are only sleeping. And so it is with us all. There’s great potential in each of us, if we will only let Jesus touch us and work it out. But we have also to determinedly choose who to listen to – those who say we are dead or the Jesus who says we are only sleeping.

Which brings me to my “don’t you wish” part. Don’t you sometimes wish that, you could straighten out the problems around you? Isn’t it a joy when things begin to work out? But isn’t it also frustrating when you know someone needs help, but even after they ask, they won’t receive it?

I don’t know what part of life that is, but please help me understand, untangle this. Someone said that to go up a ladder, the climber must be willing to step on the next rung.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anyone who can get to the top of the house without taking each step up that ladder. I don’t see how someone can receive tremendous transformation when they are not willing to do the work involved.

I think what I’m saying is that although Jesus knows we are only sleeping, after He calls our name, then we should get up, get out of bed, and get going with our purpose. Else we will remain in the same state and keep frustrating both ourselves and other.

I guess it sounds as though I’m out of patience or short of it. May God help me…and you too in your area of “wishes.”

Precious Kids

At Pendekezo Letu, the girls sang some very beautiful songs, and I asked them to write them down for me. I will be posting them here in about a week’s time.

I continue to enjoy interacting with girls personally and virtually (e.g. via mail) and it is my prayer that God blesses them, us all, really, making us into the kind of Amazing Girls He wants us to be!!!


This made me smile. After taking the meetings to church, some of the girls, especially those who had been meeting in my house at the very beginning, requested that we take the meetings back to my house. We’re still working on that….

I have had very blessed interactions with some of my spiritual leaders, and they have shown me that Amazing Girl is indeed a ministry, hence the change of name at the top of the website. I really believed it was more of a hobby and something I just love to do, but they have made me see it differently. That for me is a great wonder, among the first of many (I believe) that will happen this year in my life. In our church, this is a year of great wonders.) More on t hat in our next chat.

In the meantime, may God bless you and keep you, and make His favor shine upon you, and give you peace and success in your endeavors that are in line with His purpose for you! Much love.

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