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Vals Party

February 26, 2010 Uncategorized 0
Vals Party Card

Vals Party Card


Greetings to you.

Here’s a short note about the latest girls party we had. It was dabbed Vals Party, and had several young girls in attendance, at my house.This was on Sunday the 14th of February, yes, you got it  right, on Valentines Day!

Amidst snacks, lots of fun and laughter, we – the younger girls and two older ones, discussed the concept of valentines, what love is, about boys and relationships, you know, all the “girl stuff.”

It was very encouraging to me to hear especially the younger girls express their quest for purity and their desire to maintain their integrity, choosing to abstain from sex and all sexual involvement before marriage.

We finished the discussion with the climax of all of us signing purity cards, declaring our worth as Princesses in God our Father, and choosing to stay pure for the Princes He would bring in our lives, if He so chooses. Interstingly, the girls found it nice for me to sign mine and change that phrase to “the Prince God has given me.”

More Parties….

It was a very, very special time. We look forward to more “parties,” on a monthly basis.

May God bless you as you continue to pray for this, and for all the girls that they would discover just how amazing God made them…and make use of their lives and purposes living for Him.


** Soon, we will be meeting another amazing girl, who is doing some pretty nice music.  I am looking forward…..!

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