We’ve been busy!

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We’ve been busy!

April 26, 2010 Uncategorized 0

Hey all!

Since we had our Vals Party in April, a lot has continued to happen. Counseling with girls has continued to take place, as well as the sale of books (Becoming an Amazing Girl). It’s a wonderful thing to see more and more girls reached by the good news of God’s love for them. For some of them, it is a joy to watch the progress and changes in their lives, such as when they let go of destructive behaviors, or when they develop a better esteem of themselves, and begin carrying themselves around with greater confidence and radiance!

During the Easter holiday, I was honored to be one of the speakers in an all-girls weekend arranged by one of our church members. Friday afternoon was fun interacting with the girls as we travelled to our out-of-town destination. The evening session held some very interesting and revealing conversations, and ended by me speaking to the girls. There was a very interesting Q&A (question and answer) time, and it was extra giggly and fun as we went to sleep. I will certainly not forget that!

Reading and research continue to be a part of my regular life as I prepare for more meetings, trainings and sessions with girls, whether on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting. Perhaps more publications will begin to come up, and be able to reach more girls with varied content educating them on their special girlhood and how to make the best of it.

One girl who has read my book is now using her talent….and not just that, but moving around countries because of it. Truly, someone’s gift can take them before great men!! Read her story here.

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