Art Party!!

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Art Party!!

May 31, 2010 Uncategorized 0


We held yet another party, this time Art Party. We had new girls joining us in this party, and we had a mighty great time!! This was on Sunday 23rd May 2010, at Anngladys’s house.

All the girls were to each come with something artistic – paint, paint brushes, colored pencils, crayons, markers, glitters, art paper, glue, pencils, erasors….name it and it was there!!

The facilitator this time round was Pastor Rupert. He asked each person to choose what the next person could use for the art activity he was about to give.

Clockwise, everybody picked out something for that person, and this was pretty interesting. Then Pastor Rupert showed us a painting on the wall…and asked us to reproduce it on our art papers using what we had been given, what had been specifically picked out for each of us.

Of course we had quite a laugh, and a few sighs went up in the air. The painting had many colors, and what we had each been given was grossly lacking in the colors! Say, someone having several shades of green and a blue inkpen, yet the original painting had yellow, purple, blue, name it!

He gave us only 30 minutes to draw / paint/ whatever one could do…..and then…stop! Time up!

Of course we were shy to show our drawings, but he also kept by the rules, using orange and green to represent so many other colors. He drew much better than all of us….and we had been hoping to get a tip or two from him….

Then he said this. God has given each one of us talents. And He, God, wants us to emulate the life of Christ using what He has given us. We would therefore be wasting a lot of time trying to emulate another’s drawing, because that drawing would not be perfect, because noone has all the ‘colors’ for example.

We have got to use our talents to glorify God in our own unique style, instead of copying others in their talents. We would do poorly to copy orange and green drawings made as an attempt to represent a fully colored perfect painting….we would rather do our best with our own, unique talents and giftings specifically chosen for us by God our most loving heavenly Father!

And so that was our Art Party. We look forward to ourĀ  Fashion Party in June….

Write to us if you want to be a part of the same, or if you want to know more about us. Cheers!

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