Gal, you are not just acceptable…you are desirable!!

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Gal, you are not just acceptable…you are desirable!!

July 30, 2010 Uncategorized 0

One thought occurred to me this past week, something I thought would be of encouragement to you. You know, God loves you very much. I don’t know how well you know or experience that, but please know He does.

I was looking at my life, and the reasons behind some of my actions. You know, everyone has some fears, you do too, and so do I, and I do not deny it. So some of the reasons for doing what I do are to comfort myself that I am acceptable, you know, that I’m okay. (Yes, this is the same girl who writes about becoming an amazing girl!)

So anyways, the encouragement I felt in my heart went as follows. You are not just acceptable, you are more than that, you are desirable!! So quit checking your worth against one person, kneeling at their feet and continuing to collect dust and crumple your apparel.

Stand up, dust and straighten your apparel, in your own free space, freedom, and uniqueness of your character, and in the presence of your most important audience – God- who appreciates you and intends the best for you as your heavenly father.

Then dance away, free as a lark, expressing yourself, living your life to the fullest, just like in your dreams.

In the limits of His boundless love, you can do all things, because He empowers you!!

He will guide you, you will hear that guiding voice behind your ear, saying this is the way, walk ye in it.

You don’t have to worry, you will be well held and directed, and you won’t burst, you will grow and glow…and have much better relationships, so you won’t be lonely.

The idol in your life limits you and your potential to serving it and its wishes alone, whereas God frees you to glorify Him through your fulfilled potential!!! Your idol is hard to please, while God already takes pleasure in you and boasts about you!!

God already desires you; you don’t have to ‘suck-up’ to anyone!! So what do you want? A life of one idol and fake security….or the comfort, freedom and confidence of allowing God to love you, knowing you are not just acceptable…but desirable enough to die for???

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