A girl a day….

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A girl a day….

November 1, 2010 Uncategorized 0

Hello there! Been quite some time since I last wrote in here. I trust and hope that you have been well. I will update you a bit on myself…

Baby Girl: God was gracious to my husband and I and blessed us with a wonderful baby girl. That explains the reduced activity on the website etc…

…but that does not mean that I have not still been ministering to girls! We moved house recently, and boy oh boy, to my surprise, young girls started visiting my home and wanting to simply spend time with me.
Every time they’d be leaving, they would ask, “When do we come again?” And give me a nice warm hug. Girls I have not seen before, and each time they bring a new friend….
That got me wondering, just how did they know they could come there, and be welcome? What makes them want to come and just simply stay at home, and then come again and again? Beats me! Beats my husband too! We simply don’t understand it. Maybe it’s God’s way of stamping His call on my life…about ministering to girls??

(Oh and by the way, the girls are “cousins”, if you know what I mean. If you don’t know, please email me and I will explain. And they keep coming over and over again. It simply melts my heart, and leaves me speechless. )

A while back, while praying about Amazing Girl, I had asked God to let me minister to a girl a day….and I suppose that this is His way of answering this prayer. How?
a) allowing me to still minister to girls at home even while I was away from “active ministry” in church, work and society
b) But even greater, by giving me a daughter, my very own young girl to minister to every single day of her life, and of my life.

God can be faithful, huh? You bet He is!!!!

As is already clear, I’m excited to be back “on board” again, and I look forward to a wonderful time out here, and with you too.

Many blessings to you,
And may God surprise you by meeting a deep need that you are currently praying about.
Anngladys – Mama Hetal.