2011 Begins with a Bang!

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2011 Begins with a Bang!

January 10, 2011 Uncategorized 0

Happy New Year! This, 2011, is the year of abundance, that’s our church theme for the year (Christian Church International, Thika).

Before we go on to talk about 2011 plans, let’s look a bit at the end of 2010.

November: I felt strongly that I should give my books to the young ladies who attend our second service. This I did, together with a note that said the following. It felt good to do that, and to wait and see what would be next.

Dear Lady,

greetings to you in Jesus’ Name.  I am glad to have this opportunity to share my life and God’s word with you. I desire more interaction with you. I would like to serve you with the gifts God has given me e.g. those of writing and speaking.

If you have a question or a topic that you would like to be handled, please write it down, or tell me, and I will, by God’s grace, address that issue. I could reply to you alone, or answer it to help all the ladies.

Perhaps we could meet every so often as theneed may arise, to discuss issues and learn from each other.

I hope this book, Becoming an Amazing Girl, helps you and inspires you to know your identity, worth an purpose in God.

In Christ’s love,

Amazing Girl Ministry – CCIT,

Assurance in God.

December: We had our first sitting with the young ladies, in which we listed topics that they would like covered in either written articles, or organized Amazing Girl Meetings. It was nice to be with the girls on this day.

January: One young lady approached me for some counsel after the second service. This being the first time since I gave out the books, I was glad to know that it wasn’t in vain that I was presenting myself available to the Lord for His service.


We had been having regular monthly Amazing Girl Parties at my house for a while, and since I got a baby, this became a bit tricky to handle. Also, given the new impression I felt in my heart about serving in the second service at our church; that became a rather impossible venture because its timing coincided with the second service.  So what to do now, now that the young girls keep asking for house parties???

2011 PLANS

Several things to do this year. Interesting how this is happening, because each time I am following what seems to be a strong feeling in my heart. Each time this feeling guides me towards the action for the next month. It’s truly a walk of faith….


This would be my first priority, to organize a party for these girls; then during the party  invite them to the church meetings, seeing as the house parties may not be plausible in the near foreseen future. This would be dubbed baby party, when they also get to play around with the baby-she’ll be a bit older then, now she’s too small. This will be in April. Finally something for them too after such a long while! (Our last Amazing Girl Party was in July)


There are several things to do here.

Monthly Newsletters

One is to write up monthly newsletters covering the topics that they raised. These include issues such as holiness, dating, courting, careers, how to overcome shyness and be confident, and many more.

Amazing Girl Meetings

When there is need for a discussion on a certain topic, then we shall hold a meeting, and invite a speaker to tackle the topic.


There are some girls who have asked me to mentor them, and this I am doing as God leads me, and also following in the footsteps of my Mentor, Susan, and other great ladies and gentlemen who have inspired me greatly.

I encourage the girls to also have some mentees, and contribute in building someone else’s life, too.


With one of my mentees, we share many similarities. It’s a good problem that we are trying to solve, that of being a Jack (Jackline?) of many trades…we are trying to master in some. This we shall do with other friends too.

In each week, we shall handle a certain talent, skill or ability that is present in the participant’s life. Here’s a general plan of what will be happening each week, beginning this week.
Week 1 – dancing

Week 2 – making cards

Week 3 – poetry

Week 4 – story writing

Week 5 – making jewelry

Week 6 – acting

Week 7 – painting

Week 8 – decoration (décor)

Week 9 – organizing events

Week 10 – singing

We shall also look at the art of (public) speaking, and others as they come up. More details will come to you week by week, as will be posted here on our website.

We sure are looking forward to these things!!!

Stay updated! And join us when you can!

Have a great year, and stay amazing!