Belated Happy Valentine’s

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Belated Happy Valentine’s

February 18, 2011 Uncategorized 1

St. Valentine’s Day was just this Monday, and a lot of “love” was “in the air” with the giving and receiving of various kinds of gifts… especially roses and chocolates. Last year at Amazing Girl we threw a Vals Party. This year was kind of silent…but full of thought. Thoughts such as these.

Openly Speaking

Imagine going to the market, and wanting to buy some fruits. Say avocados, or even tomatoes. And you take some, feel them, they feel nicely hard, so you choose them and throw them into your shopping basket. Then you find some that are soft and soggy, and you are disgusted, and you throw them away. 

Clearly, you want what’s not been touched by everyone, what’s not been compromised, what’s still precious and valuable, lovely to your eyes.

Fast forward to the other thought going through my mind. Sexual purity. When we allow others to play with this absolutely precious part of ourselves, aren’t we doing the same to ourselves, cheapening our selves, making ourselves soft and soggy? At least that’s what I felt when some people (e.g. overly playful older teenage boys) tried to touch me inappropriately when I was growing up, and in my teens. I always felt so, so bad.

I think it would pain as much to give oneself freely only to discover that the person you gave yourself to was not going to stay with you forever, he or she would leave you for someone else, or just leave you alone….and your gift would be gone, never to be returned. And your life to never be the same again. Your innocence, your integrity, your most intimate gift gone…as though it never really mattered…. What should be yours alone, or yours and your spouse’s alone….gone….in such a very short time, and life never is the same again.

Your sexuality is precious, so so very precious. It is God’s wonderful gift to you, and your most intimate gift. Wouldn’t you want to save it for the one person?  See, the bible says that the sexual sin is committed against one’s own body, and all other sins are outside the body. When I read Ps. 103, about God forgiving our sins and forgetting them (by putting them behind himself), I am excited!! To know that I can start afresh again, to know that the most important Person in the world is okay with me, wow!!!!! And to know that all the people I care about can have this same awesome experience, wonderful!!

But then again, there’s the other side of the coin. When God forgives us, He forgets, but we remember. Unless we miraculously get amnesia (would that be a miracle?) we live with the memories of what we did. We remember. Things happen that remind us of what we did, and that little voice nudges us in our memory, and we remember, get scared or concerned about being found out….just something jumps or sparks in our minds…and our hearts.

If for nothing else, shall we not be pure to stay away from those kinds of experiences? For a clean conscience, for peace of mind, for that wonderful sense of refreshing freedom, and in order to be right with God, then perhaps sexual purity is something to give more than a passing thought…….

Let’s talk, email me on and tell me what you think. Maybe I’m way out on this topic, maybe you have a perspective that needs to be put out here. Maybe you just need to be heard, understood. Email me, let’s talk.


That having been said, God does forgive, and give us second, third, fourth even a million chances. And more that that, He makes us clean as though we had never done the deed, gives us a snow-white clean slate to start from. He renews our confidence (Isa. 53/57), and empowers us anew for His calling. God is good; there is such great security and assurance in Him. God loves you.



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