Rest on the way

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Rest on the way

March 14, 2011 Uncategorized 0

I was recently walking home in the evening,  and the sun was rather hot. I got to a shaded place and wanted to stay there and rest some, but I had to walk on. I realized that if I really did want to rest, it’d be better if I walked on because that way I could get home sooner and rest more completely, and how I wanted.

Same case with our purposes in life, I guess. On our way to our destinations that be, the road may get rough and hot, and a few patches of comfort, oases of rest may seem appealing to us. But we are not to camp there, because “home”, our ideal resting place, our purpose destination is ahead – not there.

“You have stayed too long at this mountain, it is now time to break camp and advance.”
Bible, Old Testament.

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