What are you doing with what you already have?

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What are you doing with what you already have?

March 21, 2011 Uncategorized 2

I was wiping tables last evening and I observed that a wet wiper did a better job than a stiff dry one. The moist one was able to get the water on the table easily without making any scratch marks, doing a really clean job. I think it was easier to absorb the water on the table because it already had some of its own.
Something about attracting what you already have and are. If you’re already working on your talent and an opportunity is offered to you, you are able to do a much better job than the one who’s just been idly waiting for an “opening.” Perhaps God is waiting for us to begin using what we already have, and then He can bless us with more and take us to higher heights. Are we ready? Are we doing something about it?

Bible: To him who has, more will be given.

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