My bedroom window

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My bedroom window

April 14, 2011 Uncategorized 0

My bedroom window can open all the way till it is aligned along the wall of the house. This way lots of fresh air can come in. however, when strong winds blow, the window succumbs to the pressure and closes with a bang, and if there’s no-one nearby to open it again, my bedroom could remain unventilated and without air circulation.
However, the window has a handle/ledge which has holes in it that can regulate how wide one wants to open the window, and hold it in that position faithfully. The amount of air coming in may not be as much as the other way, but the restraint keeps the same regular amount of air coming in for longer.
I think sometimes in our lives we need such restraints, that keep us reasonably productive for longer, as opposed to having it all our way, then slamming with a bang when the wind blows our wide opening shut.

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