Beans? Yeah right!

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Beans? Yeah right!

April 26, 2011 Uncategorized 0

I’d seen this being done before by friends, but I didn’t believe it really worked until I tried it myself. They would soak beans in water for several hours, and then boil them ready in barely an hour. I used to boil mine without soaking, and I’d end up needing to boil them for several hours, using up so much energy, fuel and time.
Well, after trying it, I discovered it actually does work. I thought about it in light of how when we stain in God, and then He needs to do some work in us, how much easier it would be, and how much shorter it would take. If however we remained estranged from Him, and connected to Him only when we needed a change, then our process would be much more costly, tedious and would take much longer.
It’s kinder nice to stay connected, I think, don’t you?

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