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April 28, 2011 Uncategorized 0

Making tea some time back was both a frustrating and insightful event. See, our gas had ran out, so for a while we’d been using the stove. You know that it takes incomparably longer on the stove to make anything. So anyway, I hurried from my bedroom several times to check on the milk, but each time I had to wait some because although it looked like “something about to happen” it took forever to change. Gagh!
I was heating bath water on the other stove, and even that was taking forever and a day. It dawned on me that most things in life take a while to come through, and we have to wait. Now if the end product is not anything we were particularly interested in, the whole waiting experience will be very frustrating and vain. I’d better be on the right queue if that process is to be of any joy or fulfillment. But I’ve first got to identify right from the beginning what it is that I want, then faithfully stay on its path, believing that each experience will make me a better person.

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