How girls need dads

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How girls need dads

August 3, 2011 Uncategorized 0


See, this is a question that I have recently asked myself. You know, it can get really hard when you desire to have a dad, and none can be found around. Or it’s just not working out the way you’d like it to, the way you imagine it, the way you see it in other’s lives, or even on TV. (okay, far fetched I know but still….)

So sometimes, if the need was a computer program or file, you’d want to press shift+delete and whatever else you can, to kill the desire. But it just doesn’t go away. So what do you do? You think, you cry, you become sad….but most recently I got an idea. A brilliant idea, (I think).

How much really do I need a dad? Do I need one 24 hours a day 7 days a week? At my age, no. (I’m not 40 (smile) I’m not even 27 )  and honestly speaking, I don’t even talk t my mum every single day, so no, I don’t need a dad that much, so to say.

But I need one at the very core of things. A dad to assure me that I’m on the right path, and I’ve got what it takes to make it to my destination, to fulfill my purpose. To let me know that I’m alright, I’m beautiful, I’m charming and I’ve got a good personality. Okay, perhaps these are things that a girl should know for herself, but to be honest? They carry tonnes of weight when they originate from a father. Ask a girl who’s had one, or a girl who’s had a good brief stint (ok, brief relationship) with a good dad.

So why am I saying this? I’m saying this to represent the girls out there who need dads. A baby needs a dad or a parent round the clock, but a teenage girl and a   young lady…those need a dad every so often, every now and then, some encouragement that they are alright, that they are precious little girls (all girls want to remain little all their lives – or at least to be called so (smile).)

I’m also saying these for the sake of the ladies who would think that a girl who needs a dad is out to get her husband. NO. NOT AT ALL. And for the kids who think that the “adopted” girls would come to take away their dads. Again, I repeat, NO, NOT AT ALL!!! We don’t want that much of him, no, just a little encouragement along the way.

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