As I watch my baby girl grow

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As I watch my baby girl grow

August 3, 2011 Uncategorized 0

As I watch of my girl grow, and most importantly play around with her dad, a special joy fills my heart, and I am glad that she has a dad. And the very dad that she does. They play around, have special games and songs, special little tricks, and lots and lots of fun. They laugh, and that leaves me in a sort of wonderland, elated.

Elated, and also knowing that that they have a special bond, a bond that only they can share. A lasting bond filled with wonderful memories. They have a treasure in their relationship, something irreplaceable.

And sometimes a girl can wonder whether she had that, whether she can have that even now. And just resign herself to the idea that what was was, and what is is, and to let things be as they are…but that conclusion is not easy to come by. It can be as a result of depression, or giving up, or hoping that ignoring the need will make it go away.

No, I don’t mean to sound depressing or low all the time, most certainly not. I just have a certain pressing in my heart to tell it like it is, like it has been, and yet again, for the following reasons…..

–          To obey and do what I feel I ought to do

–          To meet the needs of those around me

–          And for the following….

  • The girls who wonder if they are alone in this
  • The dads who hear God’s call and care for these girls
  • The people who generally wonder what’s going on in the minds of children without dads
  • The girls who might want to choose to be single-mums in this cold, hard world – jus’ so you know, you may “make it” alright, but your baby won’t. she’ll look like she did, but she’ll be like this. You still want to make that choice?

You know?

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