Special Dedication to Hetal

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Special Dedication to Hetal

August 29, 2011 Uncategorized 1

Hetal is now one year old, great!  She has been such a blessing to our family, and has been the inspiration for quite a couple of insights.

Most recently, she was especially playful at night, more like late into the night. Both my husband and I were terribly tired, and still so busy with so much to do. Eventually I gave in, and wanted to go sleep, so I carried my dear little darling with me. And boy oh boy (girl oh girl? Smile) was she active or what?

She wanted to play, giggle, sing a little bit and dance. Most of all, she wanted to practice her standing skills, and that’s a session that usually goes like this: “Show Mummy you can stand…” and she stands. She waves her little cute hands in the air, giggles and smiles oh so broadly and dearly, and then begins to jiggle a bit. Then we all clap for her – she’s a star in our home, cheer her, and embrace her. So in bed, what she’ll do after the clapping and all, is fall on me, and give me a mighty big hug, giggle and laugh, and be oh so sweet. At midnight. Silence.

So the other day I was so sleepy and tired that all I wanted to do was sleep. So I tried playing along only briefly, and then telling her goodnight, bye, see you, nice time….but all to no avail. So she began feeling frustrated, and started to whimper, almost cry. So I tried the milk trick, the lie-on-yr-back and sleep next to mommy deal…nothing. I was frustrated, to say the least, especially bearing in mind that I was supposed to get up so very early the next day.

So I put off the lights, in a bid to change the situation…again, no change. I pretended I was asleep. I tried it all. She didn’t give up, the tiny little darling! So I sighed and decided to watch her. Eventually she grew sleepy and tired, just how I wanted. So I pulled her close, covered her, made her comfortable and stroked her hair. “I love you mummy,” I said, giving her a tight little squeeze. Then she rolled over and faced the other side.

I can’t explain the ouch that I felt. It felt so bad! Here she was, all along, trying to play with me, and then I wasn’t available. Then just when she was tired, here I was, wanting to bond with her. My heart turned, and I said to myself that I won’t do that again. That I’ll play with her for as long as she wants, because however long it may seem to be, it really doesn’t last that long. The little kid tires really fast, and she can put it up for only so long. So what will I do now? I will plan my schedule around her, seeing as I am so busy. And I will give her all the time and attention I can when I am with her. After all, what else am I living for if not family? Bless my baby!

Here are a few birthday wishes she got from kin and friends.

  1. How lovely, how wonderful! What a marvelous gift from our loving heavenly Father around your first birthday! Glory to God! Granny Grace.
  2. Congratulations and happy birthday Hetal. May God give you many more, favor, blessings and all good things. May you always be the pride of your parents. Love ya. Aunt Joyce.
  3. Happy birthday  Hetal! Aunty Bobby
  4. Happy birthday  Hetal! Granny Ruth (Shush)
  5. Happy birthday  Hetal! Millie & Kim (Auntie & Uncle)
  6. Happy birthday  Hetal! May you grow up to join us (Amazing Girls) in our parties and in our singing group, and get a good husband and be a good woman serving God. Girls at the Amazing Girl Party during Baby Party on Sunday 21st August 2011.
  7. Happy birthday  Hetal! Rev. Wesley
  8. Happy birthday  Hetal! Nuru
  9. Happy birthday to Hetal! Pastor Peter (Our Amazing Pastor)
  10. Happy birthday  Hetal! Aunty-Granny Rowse (Mrs. Pastor Peter)
  11. And of course from Mummy and Daddy; we’d like her to grow up to be a hard-working woman of integrity. We love you baby girl!!


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