God help our hearts…

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God help our hearts…

October 21, 2011 Uncategorized 1

God helps us in times tough

When our hearts hurt

And our minds blank

When all we think about

Is a solution just for now

And don’t see the future –

Or don’t want to look into the future

To see the big picture

We just what to feel good now

Regardless of tomorrow


God helps us in our weaknesses

For they make us oh so senseless

We do things we’d sworn we’ll never

And chide ourselves all day and night over

Lord redeem us from ourselves

For only you can

Only you are bigger than and beyond ourselves


God help our hearts

Oh help our thoughts even more

For what starts in that store

Is soon open to all

Save our names, save our hearts

Save our souls, Lord do….


It’s a prayer,

The prayer of my heart,

The prayer of many hearts,

Hear us Lord,

And answer us now,

Even in the process ongoing now….



P/s hope the next time we chat it’ll be better, Lord…..


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