New Year’s Resolutions: Big Picture

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New Year’s Resolutions: Big Picture

February 16, 2012 Uncategorized 0

Well, it’s well into the year,

February it indeed is

What a time to begin

Meditating on the New Year’s things


But meditate I will

For I err not in that thing

Seeing as I begun this to do

When the clock for 2012 did too


A plan for my boss

A plan from my boss is more like it

Another from my church

Another from my government


But whence is mine own

Where goeth my life?

Does it follow a path, a plan?

Or is it haphazard, surprising every December?


A new set of rules I came up with

For myself I did this, yes

For I follow everybody else’s rules

But mine own only dreams remain


And so I set out to do,

Indeed to create

A strategic plan for my life

Just as my other authorities have


I’m just about halfway there

Thanks to the help of my wonderful coach

God did make that dream come true

A catalyst for my life


And now as I walk the streets

And buy ‘em sweets

I know that it all

Falls within a bigger plan


And you?


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