Happy Leap Year!

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Happy Leap Year!

February 29, 2012 Uncategorized 0

This happens once in every four years, having the 29th of February, that is. This time round it really did hit me as something special. And I want today to count for something special, too. As it is already, a few good things have happened, and I am grateful for them. (Smile.)


But then again, I also think that it can be a day on which to make some key decisions, decisions that will perhaps have a 4year-long consequence. Like making an investment plan, or making a health decision e.g. diet or exercise. Or a family decision, like how to treat family for the next four years, e.g. an outing per month. Something special, just so as not to let this special, extraordinary, outstanding, rare day go down in vain, in an ordinary way.


This year will have 366 days as opposed to the usual 365 days in a common year. That means we have an extra day to do something really special. That day could be today, or today could be used to plan for a really special day, perhaps for my family and I. Notice I said plan, not wish for something special. This year I have decided to be more proactive about my life, and guide it where I want it to go, thus having it yield the results I desire.


So what will you do today? Will you do something special? Will you make someone feel special? Will you reflect on your life, your priorities, your permanents, and the big picture of your life and strategically plan your life? It’s a leap year day. It might just as well be the day your life leaps from one level to another, a higher, better level. My best wishes for you.


Happy, happy, happy leap year!!!!

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