Sitting in the Mwanya….

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Sitting in the Mwanya….

March 22, 2012 Uncategorized 0

The first title I wanted to give this entry was “Shadiness is sitting in a mwanya when there are empty seats behind….but I thought that’d be too long. So I’ll just call it shadiness is…. but then I realized it’s a lot about the mwanya in our lives…so I just called it Sitting in the Mwanya….

I hope you enjoy your read. Here goes.


(A truly Kenyan blog post)

I was travelling home last evening when some people alighted from the mat (Public Service Vehicle). Others who were waiting at the stage boarded the mat, and to my surprise, the lady sat at the ‘mwanya’ (empty space between seats), and mind you, without the ‘bridge’ (the wooden something the conductors put to bridge the space between the seats in order to carry more passengers than the mat can legitimately carry.) The gentleman who entered after her sat uncomfortably between her and the door.

Now I looked back, (I was on the ‘alone seat’) and I saw two perfectly empty seats. I’d just come from hearing Larry Asego (presenter, Classic 105 evening show) say “you know you’re an idiot when you buy a dictionary and the first word you look up is ‘dictionary.’” Well, I coined my own. Shadiness is sitting in a mwanya when there are empty seats behind!

As I continued to humor myself, I began to read the signs in the mat.  One said, “When God says yes, who are you to say no?” Now, I’d just come from a Nairobi mat which allowed me to read lots more signs, and one of them had said that God makes no mistakes.

When I combined these two, it dawned on me that God had not made a mistake in the placement He has given me in this life. And if God had allowed it to happen, who was I to doubt or question His purposes? No one!

I resolved I wasn’t going to be a ‘shenzi type’ (a phrase used to describe someone who does something utterly stupid/foolish) and sit in the mwanya in the mat of my life. God had called me and placed me to be a wife, mother, employee, leader, author, writer, etc and I was gonna go and seat on a good seat. (This, following up on I’m gonna carry not drag my cross.) I’d confidently fill out the roles God had picked out for me.

I am going to take the choice seat in my life and deal with issues from t hat perspective, the high, comfortable place. If others choose to sulk, well, that’s their choice, but from where I’m sitting, I see far better seats than the mwanya’s of grumbling, complaining, being bitter and murmuring. I will not sit in the mwanya, and neither will I give the devil a mwanya (chance) in my life.

I’m going to fight for my victories, and because my life is God ordained, I will come out victorious. Yeah!!

Now thinking about your life….

You will sit where you want in the mat of life. You can sit in the mwanya even when there are empty seats. You will seat where you have judged/deemed yourself worthy of. If you think lowly of yourself, the mwanya will be just fine for you. But if you think highly of yourself, you’ll go to the good seat, or wait for another mat (or man.)

Don’t place yourself as an alternative, or ready and willing to receive substandard treatment. No one will stop you, and really, like my fellow passengers, no one will really encourage you to go for the seat. They all have seen that you have seen the seat, so they expect that it’s rather obvious for you to go for the better placement. Oops, sorry, but that’s just life.

God’s placed you somewhere special in your family, school, work place, church, club, organization. Sit in your seat and stop giving others the right to put you in a lower place, a mwanya you weren’t made for. There’s a place for you, a definite placement for you. Know it, study it, and live by its royalties.

Keep your honor, preserve your dignity, go for your goals, or as they say, your gold. It’s yours. No one will stop you from getting it (I mean, the seats were and remained empty), but then again no one will open your eyes a second time to the obvious reality that you have already seen. You saw it, go for it!!


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