How to deal/live with lack of appreciation.

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How to deal/live with lack of appreciation.

July 10, 2012 Uncategorized 4


Here’s a few thoughts I’ve gathered from a couple of experiences that I’ve gone through lately. I hope you find them helpful.

Have a lovely day.


1. Decide to enjoy the good environment you have created for yourself even if others don’t appreciate it. Yr the first beneficiary of yr good deeds.

2. Decide to not be inconvenienced by others’ lack of appreciation eg by getting into a bad mood, feeling low, sad, blue, wishing for a different scenario, therefore having a bad time when you’d have otherwise had a really great time.

3. Appreciate yourself for the good work done, give yourself a pat on the back and a treat!

4. Thank God for giving you the ability to do what you just did (I mean the work, not the appreciation…but oh yes, even that too! We’ve got to learn to do it for ourselves and not be (so/at all?) dependent on others for it).

5. Aim to learn something from the situation.

6. Go on with yr program to other activities. Don’t stagnate waiting for others to appreciate you!!!

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