10 things to do when you cannot regain what you lost

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10 things to do when you cannot regain what you lost

July 14, 2012 Uncategorized 0

Sometimes in life we lose things that we value, and sometimes we lose things we did not even think we valued, only to realize later that we did have a special place for those things in our hearts. Or for those people.

It could be simple item like a hair-clip that someone ‘borrows’ and stays for too long with. Or something a friend gives you and you forget at the table. Or a friend who stops talking with you, or decides to change the nature of your friendship and withdraws from closeness.

I’ve had a couple of this, and I’ve been wondering how to deal with them. So I did #4 below, and the following 10 ideas came to mind. I found them helpful, and I sure hope they will be helpful to you, too. I recently wondered on my FaceBook account why inspiration has to come from tribulation. I guess that’s the only way the lessons remain deeply ingrained in us, so much so that no one can take them away from us.

So here’s the list of 10 things to do when you cannot regain what you lost

  1. Accept the loss, and for a while, stop trying to retrieve the lost thing.
  2. Get a replacement if you can, and if it is necessary e.g. things like utilities.
  3. For intangible things, tell God to watch it for you if possible or beneficial for you e.g. relationships
  4. Ask God to take away the pain (healing) and to teach you something from it, and be ready to learn.
  5. Ask God to help you to fill the place of that lost thing with something else – preferably a deep love for and commitment to Him. You could also pray for clarification about the new direction God could be leading you in, and ask Him to make you fully occupied by that right thing, because many times we are too occupied by things that are not really beneficial for us.
  6. Thank God for the freedom from fixation caused by that thing and place; and seek to move on to conquer new grounds.
  7. Realize that it may not be God’s plan for you to have that thing now/any longer or even at all!
  8. Seek God’s will and provision for your present situation.
  9. Ask God to teach you contentment with what you have (because you do realize that what you have is also valuable), and what you have been left with; seeking your completeness in only Him.
  10. Ask God to teach you true worship of Him so that that place of adoration in your heart can be filled with adoration for Him and none other, to avoid such gross disappointment. God never lets you down, fails, forsakes or abandons you. When we adore God, He always does things that leave us in awe of Him, again and again. When we adore man or things, because of their infallible nature, we keep getting disappointed because over and over again they do not meet our adoration expectations and wishful thinking – not because they do not want to, but because they simply can’t. And truth be told, sometimes they don’t want to because  they don’t value you as much as you value them, they find you a bother, they are too busy with other things, and they simply don’t want to feel ‘tied’ to you. There’s a certain sense of peace that comes when you know that what you adore will continue to awe you, because in every human being is a deep desire to worship. It had better be fulfilled by the One who cannot disappoint, who will always take us to a higher level, a better place, one whose love for us we are sure of for eternity past, and eternity future.

Enjoy God’s love for you this week, won’t you?

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