The Purpose of Marriage

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The Purpose of Marriage

August 17, 2012 Uncategorized 0


How are you? I hope you have been well. This has been a pretty busy couple of weeks.

Happy Birthday, Hetal!

Our daughter turns 2 tomorrow, the 18th of August, 2012. We are grateful to God for this most precious gift that He gave to us. Her name is Hetal, and it means friendly, warmhearted, cheerful and happy. It is our prayer that she will grow up to be a hardworking person of integrity, that she may be both happy and prosperous (Psalm 128).

Our 5th Wedding Anniversary

2 weeks ago, on the 4th of August, 2012, we celebrated 5 years in our marriage. It got me thinking quite a lot about marriage. I’ll share my thoughts with you.

What is marriage?

The coming together of a man and a woman in an eternal/forever (on earth) union because of love and God’s purpose, through them both as an agreeable, fitting and compatible unit

What is the purpose of marriage?

To rule God’s kingdom as assigned through gifts, talents, abilities, opportunities and dreams.

The Roles of the Spouses

To each do their best to understand their role from their Maker, help each other at that, and at becoming all that God created each to become in order to fulfill the assigned purpose. This takes love, patience and perseverance, but it is possible and totally worth it!!

The Exclusivity

Each couple’s purpose is unique for them and their unique set of characteristics. And each couple has the capability to fulfill its purpose, without the help of others, but with total dependence on God. God is the 3rd strand. Others may be on the path, but your hands, hearts, souls and dreams are tied together in God. It is God who flies your kite. Don’t get enmeshed on the ground!

God gifts you ably; it is a dishonor to Him to act incapable!! Repentance is needed here.

The Way Forward

Discover Your Already Existing Purpose

Find a common goal to work towards together, and not find the end in each other. We are so desperately incomplete, but when we look to God and draw nearer to Him, there will always be FORWARD PROGRESS!

Advantages of Living a Purpose Driven Marriage

  1. Resources will start being channeled to the right places, and they will start coming in overflowing abundance from all ends of the earth. But we will find greater pleasure in the accomplishment of God’s purposes through us, than in making us a ‘home’ here on earth!
  2. Purpose in God leads to the ends of the earth, His ever present hope about the future, and a ‘holy dissatisfaction’ which is a great intrinsic motivator. It cannot be counterfeited or robbed! And isn’t that what we all want and desire – a real reason to live? The present and the person as an end are both extremely frustrating!

The Blessings of Unity

  1. In unity, you can achieve great things for God, truly amazing things. And unity helps you overlook the trivial things of this world, otherwise magnified by the enemy (e.g. in Numbers 13)
  2. Unity gives you untold speed of ascent, determination, perseverance, purpose, passion and joy!! (Psalm 133)
  3. If couples put their minds together to work for God, they will be blessed beyond belief! I believe that everything is a means to an end, the end being the accomplishment of God’s purpose.
  4. God will take care of the “small stuff” that we so wrongly glorify out of His will e.g. looking good, idolizing the romantic life displayed by the media and feeling discontent that we might be lacking true love in our marriages, etc; and leave us to be concerned about the really big and important stuff e.g. souls for the Lord!

Final thoughts…

  1. It is not about the money you make in this world, it is about what you use the money for. Always support a cause for God. In heaven, gold is dust. No use accumulating it here on the transient earth! It is only a means to an end, and thank God we’re learning this now when we don’t have so much of it – enough to turn us back like the rich young man in Jesus’ time!
  2. Prayers and repentance are needed for time spent focusing on the wrong things, and then refocus on what God’s original plan was, then begin to live the real life!


It does not mean that there will not be challenges, there will be! But of a different kind. And you will be fighting together, not fighting against each other!!


May God give us the courage to do His will, to understand it, love and fear Him the most in order to obey Him, than we might accomplish His assigned tasks for us here on earth.

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