Trying Isn’t Good Enough, Just Don’t Do It

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Trying Isn’t Good Enough, Just Don’t Do It

October 8, 2012 Uncategorized 0

“I try not to be a thief, I try my very best,” I heard someone say down the corridor. That immediately brought a thought to my mind: trying isn’t good enough, just don’t do it.

You know if you knew that beginning some certain actions would definitely lead down the path to doing something you don’t want, then trying to not go down that path isn’t going to help you.

This is what trying looks like: Saying that you’ll meet with a person you are sexually attracted to, knowing the explosion potentialities, and then saying that you’ll go only so far.

This is what trying looks like: Saying that you’ll eat so many cookies or so much chocolate a day, and then promising yourself exercise just as much and not just maintain, but also lose weight.

Trying looks like this: Speaking everything that crosses the top of your boiling hot-tempered head, and hoping that it will help resolve the issues in your relationships.

Trying looks like this: Wanting to live a pure life but taking a glance at you-know-what-kind-of pictures on your phone and hoping to stop at only that.

Trying looks like this: Like knowing that the path will lead to a wrong, undesired destination, but taking the path anyway, hoping to do a U-turn after so many steps/meters/so much fun or enjoyment or pleasure…..

This doesn’t have to be for the ‘big bad sins’ probably outlined above, it has to do with even the omission of doing good things. Like trying to get out of bed so as to be punctual. You can’t try, you can only either sleep in or let your legs hit the floor.

Trying isn’t good enough. Just don’t do it.

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