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November 23, 2012 Uncategorized 0

Big word right there, especially big if it lacks in your life. Don’t you find it rather sad when you’ve done your best, sometimes gone out of your way, and the person for whom you were doing all that either a) shows absolutely no gratitude or b) treats your work as if it’s nothing/shows you only how bd it is??? Well,that irks me a lot.


I recently watched a movie in which a mother told her son,”Do your best, that way you never have the fear of anyone looking down on you.” Yes, and you don’t have to go looking over your shoulder either, because you have nothing to hide or fear.


Thus, instead of awaiting and craving for appreciation from others, you have the inner joy, confidence and glow from the knowledge that you have indeed done your best, and no matter who says what – especially the nay-sayers, you retain the smile on your face, and the boost in your heart.


That having been said, there may still be a tinge of  sadness for all your unappreciated efforts. For that  I say, kudos!! You have been doing a great job, keep it up!! What you do matters, and it does make a difference, whether or not you are told so. Just like the screws that hold the seats together, you don’t always see them or appreciate them, but they do a great job nevertheless, and hold you up as you sit down. In the same manner, your actions, work, words and things you do, do hold someone’s world together. Big love!

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