Glimpses Into A Mother’s Heart

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Glimpses Into A Mother’s Heart

January 16, 2013 Uncategorized 0

I have just finished reading Rev. Carole Kiamah’s book; Carole’s Diary: Glimpses Into A Mother’s Heart. I have only one word for that experience, “Wow!”

As I read the book, I smiled, laughed, cried, saw myself and learnt a lot. I have been deeply moved and affected by the read. Besides being a great writer, she also, most importantly, writes from the heart. She lays bare her life, not just encouraging us through her successes, but teaching us through her challenges as well.

One of the most outstanding things I found, is the emphasis to let children be, and to not use them as tools to create a good image for ourselves.

She has also quoted a poem that I would like to share here, with her permission.

If I had my child to raise over again

I’d build self-esteem first and the house later

I’d finger paint more and point the finger less

I would do less correcting and more connecting

I’d take my eyes off my watch and watch with my eyes

I would care to know less and know to care more

I’d take more hikes and fly more kites

I’d stop playing serious and seriously play

I would run through more fields and gaze at more stars

I’d do more hugging and less tugging

I’d see the oak tree in the acorn more often

I would be firm less often and affirm much more

I’d model less about the love of power

And more about the power of love.

~Diane Loomans


One word again, “Wow!”

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