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February 11, 2013 Uncategorized 0

Baby PrayingThis past weekend, my daughter wasn’t feeling very well. And as we all know, being sick is not good for your health. So I tried giving her the medicine that the doctor had prescribed for her. For a while, it went well. But then it got to a point where she did not want to take the medicine.


She said it was bitter, and she cried. Sometimes when she’d cry, she’d also cry out the medicine, if you know what I mean. On Saturday night, I was at a great loss. Nothing worked.


I sighed in desperation, and asked God to heal her. I asked Him to heal her every place that was unwell, and to restore her calm, peace and joy. I knew that only God could do it, now that the medication had failed to get into her body to do its work.


Now, I’m not saying that I hadn’t prayed for her wellness before, oh yes I had. Fervently indeed. But not with the desperation, sincerity and total dependence as I did on Saturday evening. I knew that I had no other option, no other choice. God’s method had to work, or else I was done.


She’s been okay since then, and I can’t help but wonder how much sooner she’d have gotten well. Or how much sooner I’d have gotten peace myself about the situation. I now, more than ever, realize that God is the one with the ultimate solution for all our concerns, even though we try to use other ‘assisting’ methods, such as medicine.


I have since re-prayed all my recent prayers, with the same total trust in Him, and I’m waiting with anticipation to see how He’ll answer those ones. I’m sure He’ll do some good things. I’m sure He loves it best when we look up to Him as our Number One, and with total faith. I wish the same for you too, my friend.

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