Music in The ‘Mat’

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Music in The ‘Mat’

February 15, 2013 Uncategorized 0

I love to travel in matatus that have good sound systems. I love to be in a clean, comfortable matatu, and most of the ones with good sound systems have these qualities. Why? Because they have taken time to take care of the basics – a vehicle in good condition, proper seats and well cleaned. Then, after that, they have decided to ‘pimp’ it up, and give it some good sound, lighting effects, and even invested in several DJ mixes.


I enjoy travelling in this mats, I enjoy the experience. It’s worth more than the fare that I pay, and it helps to get my mind off of things and momentarily get lost in the world they have created.

Occasionally, especially recently, my line of thought will get interrupted by some loud music from some campaign vehicles. That music is so loud, and the brightly dressed crowd members are dancing in enjoyment as they troll along.


But soon we part ways, and I go back to the music in my ‘mat’. Depending on how good the music is, I can just tune back in and continue relaxing, or I can be thinking about the vehicle that passed. With good investment in the sound system, when there’s clarity, the woofers are almost in sync with my heartbeat…. then I easily get back to my relaxing world.


But occasionally I’m not so lucky, and I go on thinking about the other vehicle’s sound. Something like our Christian Faith, I think. When what we have in our hearts is well conditioned and invested in, the passing excitements of this world will be just that, passing excitements. But when our faith is faltering, we will more often than not be preoccupied with the music from vehicles not going in our way, Heaven’s Way, and, although I may not alight and board that vehicle, in our spiritual lives, that can easily happen.


~ Guard your heart with all diligence. ~ Bible

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