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Well Done

February 18, 2013 Uncategorized 0

This past weekend, a group of us had gone out to visit one of us, and we had our children with us. Now, the kids are about 3 and under, all 8 of them. The adults got talking, and the kids got playing, and well, as I have a heart for kids, I went to check them out a bit, especially after a few cries here and there.


I found one boy crying, holding a toy and wanting the ball that another had. And my daughter was in the middle, trying to sort them out. My daughter is younger than both, by the way. So, she was comforting the one that was crying, and then went to the one that had the ball, and got it from him. She told him to let the other boy play, too.


Then she went to the crying boy, gave him the ball, told him ‘pole’ and then rubbed his back, and asked him to play. When that was settled, she walked back to the boy who had the ball, and began to give her a piece of her mind, more like heart.


“Don’t take the ball away from him again. Let him play, too.  Don’t do that again,” she said very firmly, looking straight into the boy’s eyes. The boy listened, cowered, and walked away. Then my daughter went back to the boy to whom she’d given the ball, and showed him how to play.


To say my heart was over the moon would be an understatement. I was elated, my heart was dancing, warmed, and I was proud, very very proud. My little girl is growing up. And she not only fights for herself (and oh, she’s good at that, and not even boys can put her down), she’s now standing up for others. She’s my little Amazing Girl, my number one Amazing Girl in all the world. (A mother’s got to be proud, excuse me.)


I refrained from hugging and smothering her at that time, to avoid making her feel like a small, small child, after taking charge so well. Instead, I clapped for her, and sang her the song that she’s been taught in school, sang to those who do well.


“Well done, well done, Hetal A very good girl!!!”


I imagine our Father in Heaven would sing us that song every time He’d see us champion for others that way in His love. But our sense of entitlement gets in the way, and every time we do a good deed, we want a celebration held in our honour. If there’s no audience, we won’t do good. If there’s no gain for our self, we won’t do good. But the innocent children do good because it’s good to do good, period. I suppose that’s why the Bible says that unless we take on the faith like little children, it certainly will be hard to enter the kingdom of God.


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