Only Time

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Only Time

February 26, 2013 Uncategorized 0

This morning I was brewing a cup of tea, herbal tea. I put in hot water in my clear transparent bottle, and then proceeded to add the tea bag. It did not change color immediately, as I expected it to. I shook the bottle, still no change, then shook it harder, and there was a slight change – the same intensity of color just as how it would have been had I not shaken it.

I thought about it some, and realized that some changes in our lives take time. All the ingredients may be there, but unless they are allowed to go through the passage of time, there will not be a change.

There will not be a change in character by one day declaring that you have decided to change. There will not be an instantaneous change in your Christian walk by attending church one Sunday. There will not be a dramatic effect in your weight loss by exercising for a week after years of slouching on the couch.

There will not be a change, ladies, of your nails, by some quick treatment at the salon. What caused them to chip, break and change color will not be reversed by one manicure or pedicure session. What you ate, the products you used on them, how well you took care of them – trimming and filing, moisturizing your hands and feet…all that will have an effect on your final desired product.

What takes months or even years to build cannot be undone by a few days or weeks of correct behaviour. As my Bishop told me one day, it’s very easy to deflate a tyre, but very hard to get it filled up again – especially if you will try to fill it up just how you deflated it.

Just like my herbal tea bag would not mix with the water within one minute, some of the character, career, academic, weight, beauty, you name it – changes that we want in our life will have to take time. Only time can produce those results. Only time can show the fruit of our works. Only time can tell the truth. Only time.

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