Friends Are Precious

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Friends Are Precious

March 1, 2013 Uncategorized 0

KCSE Results are out!

I’ve got to get with the news, and this time around, for some reason I don’t understand, I was very interested. I found myself following up to find out how my former school, Alliance Girls High School, had performed.

When I saw that we were number 6 in the country, I was elated! It shone, keeping up with it’s motto, Walk In The Light. And what I was going to write today on my website totally flew out the window, as I surfed through my former school’s website.

I was glad to find the School Song that we used to sing so long ago – 11 years!! I’d like to share it with you, because it’s a really special song.

May you be blessed with the joy of having genuine friendships in your life.

Alliance Girls High School  – School Song  (Friends Are Precious)

Friends are precious, they’re the best of all things that one can ever have,
Nothing material can take the place of the comradeship between you and I.

Genuine friendship has no jealousy no pride, it has no envy and no lies
It has no room for loneliness and pain, because it’s all based on love.
Based on love

The light of Alliance has always been and forever will be our guide,
Challenge can never alter the course of the goals we’ve all set for our lives.

The light of Alliance stands for unity and hope, it binds us together, makes us one,
It gives us the strength to courageously go forth, all in the power of the Lord,
Of the Lord.

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