Thank You! We Shared the Sanitary Towels!

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Thank You! We Shared the Sanitary Towels!

September 23, 2013 Uncategorized 0


Sharing Sanitary Towels at the Maai Mahiu IDP Camp

Saturday, 17th August 2013

At the Ladies Health Initiative Event, at Governor Field

Organized by Open Arms Christian Ladies Group

(a group of young ladies within Vumilia IDP Camp, Maai Mahiu)


‘Open Arms’ means the young women are ready to give and receive in a positive way, and their mission is to help ladies discover their purpose, and become focused and hardworking.


5 of us (Rupert, Hetal, Rhoda, Ann Bretta and I) attended the mission, and had an awesome time. There were two other organizations present – the Miriam’s Circle NGO, and the Women Empowerment Link. Miriam’s Circle had provided the tent and come with some sanitary towels, whereas the Women Empowerment Link talked to the girls and gave some information material about early sex engagement, rape and defilement.


I spoke to the girls about being empowered, and gave them some income generating ideas. Later, we gave out the sanitary towels, panties, donated clothes and 50 of my books, Becoming An Amazing Girl.


The girls were happy, elated, and very grateful. They said to pass on their gratitude and God’s blessings to everyone who supported the mission. They also sang, danced and acted; presentations that had very good themes.


Have a look at some photos from this day. God bless you for your generous support.

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