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The Ready Rider

October 7, 2013 Uncategorized 0

The other evening I alighted from a matatu and wanted to take a bodaboda and go home. I usually look for clean-looking bodaboda drivers/riders – I have had one too many near-fainting spells as the wind blows into my face the smell of one who has probably not showered or washed his jacket for weeks. Once bitten, twice shy.

So I glance up and down the street, and there’s a long line of them. Some are on their bikes, some are talking to others away from their bikes, some look like they are thinking about becoming astronauts as they stare into the sky, and only a very few are alert.

Of those who are alert, one or two are on their bikes, and others intend to walk me to their bikes after I give in to their pleas to travel, er, ride with them. I do my next-to-godliness check and decide to go with one, and I approach his bike.
He turns on the ignition, and in a few seconds, we’re on the highway, heading home. And I think to myself. I don’t want to ride with any of those who are yet to sit on their bikes and put on their helmets. I want to ride with the one who’s already set, ready for me. I’m not gonna stay there and watch you get ready – that’s wasting my time. If you knew what you came to do here – get customers, you would stay ready.

And my thoughts move to men, husbands, or more precisely, the marriage search. It is good to go with the man who is set and ready to go, perhaps already rolling in his purpose. Not one whom you have to fan into flame. The bible says to remember the Lord in the days of our youth; and David made a prayer to God asking Him to help him number his days. Time is of the essence. You don’t want to waste your life looking for direction.

It’s best to wait patiently, and ride with a ready rider. Don’t waste your time, read life, on such vain things as ‘swag’ (whatever that is), looks, hype….etc. Ask God to lead you to the ready rider, so you can both live out your purpose sooner rather than later. And a ready rider will lead you way better , and faster; than one who has no helmet (of salvation), and hasn’t even turned on his bike (read life), and so will take much longer to steer into course (wasting some years of your life).

And that, friends, is my insight for today, sharing from my heart to yours. Shalom.

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