Simple Secrets To A Happy Life

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Simple Secrets To A Happy Life

December 15, 2013 Uncategorized 0


simple secrets to a happy lifeThis has been an interesting and inspiring read for me. The author highlights very simple things that we can do to ease the clutter and congestion in our lives and hearts, and free them up to truly enjoy what’s most important in life.

I have taken some of this literally and decluttered my office work space as well as my home. I can tell you some certain things for sure. The office is a much more refreshing place to work in, and I am super productive, given that all I see before me is the task at hand. This helps me concentrate on it and give it my all without unnecessary distractions. It also enables me to retrieve documents for others who need them faster. It has made my working experience so much more fulfilling.

At the home front, I have been able to come across many useful things that I didn’t remember I had. I now don’t have to buy them (again), and I can use them for their originally intended purposes. It’s also freed up quite a lot of space for my daughter to play in, and what a joy that is! I’ve also been able to see what areas could use some a


If you would get this book too and read it, you just might pick out things that could help make your life better in several ways. As we approach the end of the year, I will be sharing about how I have decluttered my heart, the (tough) lessons that I’ve learnt and what each of us can do to have that simple, happy life.ccessories, and these have come in – not just for the sake of it this time, but because they truly compliment that space. My family enjoys being in our home so much more!!!

(By the way, from Booksneeze, you can get whatever book you want from them in soft copy or in hard copy, for free. They will let you download the book, or mail it to you. I have so built my home library!!!)

In the meantime, enjoy a wonderful time!!

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