Milk teeth…one chance

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Milk teeth…one chance

January 6, 2014 Uncategorized 0

Towards the end of last year, we were watching a movie as a family. There was laughter and fun as we enjoyed both the movie, and watching our daughter dance. She was having a great time! In a split second however, while emulating one of the movie dancers’ moves, she tripped and fell, and hit the floor face first. There was silence for a few seconds and then the most painful cry emanated from her little self.


We all rushed to her rescue, to see what could have gone wrong, and what needed to be done. It didn’t take long to notice that she was bleeding rather heavily from her mouth. She was in great pain. As I held her, my husband and our house-help scurried about in the house bringing this and that to ease her pain and discomfort.


I looked at my daughter’s little face, her pretty mouth, her beautiful eyes so red and from crying….and my heart cringed. There she was, happily dancing in one moment, and totally helpless and in pain the other. I realized that her beautiful milk teeth would be gone in no time, perhaps even literally, in no time.


I thought about the times I would be reading a book or checking email on my phone while she wanted to play with me, or talk with me, or show me something, and I felt so bad. All that could wait. But her milk-teeth smile would be around for only so long. And then they’d be gone forever.


I decided that from that moment, I would cherish her smile, and anything that would make her smile, I would do. I would sacrifice whatever I had to, in order to cherish and relish those smiles, those times with her, because once they are gone, they are gone forever.


So as this year begins, one of my priorities is to be at home as much as I can be there, and not just be there physically, but be there emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally as well. No more carrying work home – not even in my mind. And no more giving higher second place to gadgets. No more of telling her to wait so that I can get to hear what’s being said on TV. No more. No more. No more…


All those other things can wait, and can happen again, but her milk teeth smile has only one season, and I’m going to embrace it with everything I’ve got!

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