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February 12, 2014 Uncategorized 0

I have recently been sorely hurt by a very close friend, and this drove me nuts, into the depths of depression. I wanted, with my entire being, to totally and eternally rid myself of the memory and influence of this person. And honestly, I wanted them to hurt as I did, doubly and triply so. I wanted them to feel the hurt and pain of rejection and abandonment, the embarrassment, humiliation and loss of hope that I felt. I wanted them to suffer as I had done. And then I would find something to replace them, something and someone that would stir up envy in them, and make them feel how much of a loss they’d gone through by losing me….

But at the back of my mind, the Bible verses I knew kept nudging at my conscience….and I resolved that I would find a way to deal with the situation in a godly manner, so that I would honor God, and not lose my chance to go to heaven should God come right then…

So I went into deep, desperate Bible-study, and this is what I found….

  1. Mine is to forgive (not hold the offence to this person by reminding myself, them or others Isa. 43:25-26; Ps.103:12); and bless them (wish them well, do good for and towards them Luke 6:28; Rom. 12:14). I need the help of the Holy Spirit to do so, because apart from Him I can do nothing (Jn.15:5), but with His help, I can do all things (Phil.4:13). I need the fruit of the Spirit, especially patience, kindness, goodness and self-control; in order to not bring up the hurtful issues again; and also in order to bless this person regardless of the pain and hurt I feel.
  2. Once I obey God, He will satisfy me with good things, the finest wheat and the best of the wild honey (Ps. 81: 16). This means that I will not be hungering or longing after this person. God will heal my heart if I obey Him and take care of me 100%. It is not for me to seek a replacement, because God will give me the very finest; better than I could ever imagine (Ps. 81:16; Isa 55:8-11; Matt.7:11)
  3. I need to trust God to take care of me, because:-
    1. He says so 1 Pet 5:7
    2. He cares for me 1 Pet 5:7
    3. If I don’t, He will punish me Ps 78: 21-22
    4. He knows what’s best to do, way than I do better Isa 55:8-13
  4. I need to forgive because:-
    1. God says so
    2. If I forgive, God will forgive me
    3. If I don’t forgive, God will not forgive me
    4. I do not want to end up in hell because of not forgiving this person – I’ve already been through hell on earth because of them!
  5. I need to bless this person because:-
    1. God says so
    2. God will bless me if I obey Him, and I will find healing in HIM.

I am not free of the hurt and pain, but I am glad that I have chosen to obey God, and I am now awaiting His healing. He knows best. I probably will write more about this soon….

May God bless you and keep you well, and help you too, to overcome whatever it is that God would have brought your way to deal with. Much love! Anngladys.

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