Being a Good Wife

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Being a Good Wife

June 20, 2014 Uncategorized 0

(Hi. Here’s an old post I discovered from one of my earlier blogs. I believe it will bless you.)

Does everyone at one point in time wonder just how to be a good wife? (Okay, maybe not everyone, just the she’s ..:-) )

Yeah, of course it does cross our minds. A couple days ago, I was thinking about it, and wondering just how would I make a good wife, and create a lovely homely cosy atmosphere for my husband. This was after I’d had a couple of long days, and nice ones too, trying out all sorts of ideas to create that “presence,” “aura,” “atmosphere,”…you know? Just trying to make home the best place for my husband to be in.

As I was washing my hands in the sink, I looked at myself in the mirror and began having a little chat with myself (oh come on, you do too!) Then I had a light-bulb moment. It hit me so hard because of its simplicity, I just thought, “no, there’s gotta be something more profound than this!”

But the thought stuck on. And this was the thought. Ha ha, I’m having fun keeping you waiting. Okay, here it is. That the best gift that I could give my husband was to ENJOY HIS COMPANY. That that would be his greatest thrill, and most special moments. 

I tried to wonder why the “answer” couldn’t be something like throwing a party for him, or cooking up a tonne, or you know, some of these things that we women do to outdo ourselves and hopefully create a happy home. Then it DAWNED ON ME, that my dear husband could get any of these show-stoppers ANYWHERE, perhaps even much better than I ever could do it for him. But NOWHERE in the world could he get my pure adoration and enjoyment of his company, nowhere in the world could he get another me to just love on him and make him feel special, make him feel celebrated and appreciated, make him feel that IT MAKES ME HAPPY TO JUST BE WITH HIM. 

I’m not in any way saying that we stop doing great things for our husbands, I’m just saying that OVER AND ABOVE all those great things, the deepest of them all to make a happy husband, and make you into “the” wife, is to really ENJOY HIS COMPANY. He can’t get that ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD, no matter how he tried. It’s my special privilege to have him, and he ought to know it from me.

I’d love to know your thoughts, please do share them with me…

Have an inspiring day, won’t you!


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