A Beautiful Defeat

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A Beautiful Defeat

August 2, 2014 Uncategorized 0

A Beautiful Defeat by Kevin Malarky

Many times in life we do not want to be defeated. We want to be at the top, number one the best…and not just that, but often too, on our own terms. And if we come on top on someone else’s terms, we want to be noticed, applauded, celebrated.


This book talks about giving up that perceived right to be in charge, in control. It talks about admitting our failures, and even asking for help, very importantly, it talks about admitting our weaknesses, and acknowledging that we cannot do it all, let alone do it all right.


The author comes clean about his failures, even an accident in which he was the at-fault driver, through which his own child became paralyzed. It rarely gets more raw than that in real life. And then seeking for God’s help concerning our weak areas, and asking Him to enable us to do well, or to simply stop trying in those areas, and follow His path, which is more bearable for us, because His yoke is easy and His burden is light.


This is a book I would read again for fresh inspiration for the daily issues of life. My prayer is that many people can get to read it, allow  themselves to be vulnerable to God and then accept His will for their lives.

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