How to Be Completely Free from Any Addiction – A Book Review

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How to Be Completely Free from Any Addiction – A Book Review

November 6, 2014 Uncategorized 0

How to Be Completely Free from Any Addiction 

by Kevin W. Shorter

Before you skip this article, it is important to note that addictions are of many kinds, including how we manage our emotions, and how we carry out seemingly simple routines – only that the things we do feel out of our control and as though we have no power to do otherwise.

Kevin Shorter’s book is one of a different kind in helping people break free from addictions. It doesn’t focus on the usual methods like having a strong self-will, accountability partners, going for counseling and fighting spiritual warfare.

He looks at it from the Belief-Behavior Cycle.  What it represents is that we all have experiences that define our beliefs. Our beliefs set our expectations, which influence our behaviors. Our behaviors then create experiences that solidify the beliefs we have already come to believe.


This is why focusing on just the behavior is often fruitless because the underlying beliefs motivating those behaviors are still in place. It is also helps to understand why some people can have one experience to break this cycle. It is all about correcting those wrong beliefs.


These beliefs can be corrected by correcting four areas of entry:-

1. Generational Sins

2. Wrong Beliefs

3. Misinterpreted Past

4. Evil Spirits

You need to read the book for yourself so as to pick out the specific points that are helpful to you. It is available on

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