You’re a Ninja-Woman

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You’re a Ninja-Woman

November 15, 2015 Uncategorized 0

That’s the latest compliment I’ve received, and it made me smile. See, I’m now a wife, mother, employee and student…generally speaking. I’m taking my Masters in Library and Information Science at my alma mater, Kenyatta University; as I work at FOCUS Kenya as the Public Relations, Partnerships and Communications Officer – which comes with an added role: Campus Ministry Facilitator. So that means I’m a minister too. Yeah.


So this young lady was asking me how I manage being a wife, mother, employee, student…


So I began telling her what currently a typical day is to me. I wake up, do mummy stuff (breakfast preparation, preparing stuff for my daughter as she goes to school), housework (the help has been away since October, so I try to leave the house in good shape before I go to work), then I go to work and handle my duties, then in the evening, if I’m not going to the Christian Union, I try and spend some time at the library…. At which point she decided I was a ninja womanJ


How do I get it all done? I’m an innate perfectionist, so that generally suggests that I can’t get it all done. Because everything would have to be just so. So, that’s the first thing that I had to drop, right there, just like that. Nowadays I get done what needs to get done, cliché – majoring on the majors.


I’ve read a lot about time management, but my most recent re-reading has been Todd Duncan’s Time Traps. He says that time management is not the key to efficiency, task management is. It is possible to schedule away every hour of the day, and still not get things done. The key is in choosing what to spend time on. In this day and age of technology and multitasking, it is so easy to start and have running so many projects at the same time. That just doesn’t work well, unless those projects are running with people who have received them through delegation.


But as an individual, a different approach is needed. Task prioritization becomes a necessity. Some tasks must absolutely be done, and for others, it’s not so necessary. Some tasks, if not given good attention, keep recurring on our to-do lists. So it’s better to schedule a solid block of extended time and do them, get them out of the way, and free up time and space for other tasks.


Besides, we have only 3 sets of 8 hours in a day. 8 for sleeping, 8 for work, and 8 for whatever we will. 3 of the latter tend to go to work related activities such as preparation and travelling, so we’re left with about 5 hours or so to do ‘whatever we will’. So, what exactly do I do? I handle some housework in the morning, work during work hours then spend time with family in the evening, or sometimes go to the library, depending on what day it is. I also go to the Christian Union for meetings and stay late sometimes, but on those days, I leave work a bit earlier than usual so as to spend some time at home, or on my studies.


I try to keep it simple, just do the basics on a regular basis then on my offday, I do some of the bigger, more time-consuming tasks. And yes, I do get tired, very tired, so I do find time to relax. As I relax, I try to take care of myself and what I like. I watch movies and series (yes, I’m hooked – but nowadays I try to watch in line with my career/present goals/themes) and perhaps combine that with doing my nails or face or something. That’s an article for another day.


So there you have it, and as usual, your comments are welcome! Let’s keep talking…Anngladys.


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